The Sixth Symphony by Shostakovich (1939) by Dmitrii Bavilsky

A classic example (typical of Shostakovich) portraying a state of mind, a feeling, an interrelationship; a fixation of intent, a floating bridge that binds not just a person with his environment (social setting, milieu), but the object with the subject, the path of emotion to its logical course, its continuation; the complaints and their pressure of global proportion about the vanity (the individual is always less than his circumstances in such a situation). This underground ideologist of his own selfhood sits there and swells from the power of his own conception, completely wigged out, all puffed up. But it’s not his fault that he is like that; he just does not have any one to support him: his pride and gloom, born from a loneliness that could be sometimes illuminating, enlightening, but more often leaden, empty.

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